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GKTV Beyond the Return Pre Kwanzaa Showcase

December 19 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

GKTV & Beyond the Return
GKTV will put together an event in line with Ghana’s Beyond The Return programme. ‘Beyond the Return’ (BTR) is a 10-year initiative with the theme, ‘A Decade of African Renaissance’. It is our intention to get in on the programme early and develop more initiatives through out the 10 year process.
Our initial event will be the official opening to a series of events that we intend to span the 10 year period. It is our intention to galvanise our audience around each of the 7 Pillars of “Beyond The Return” by developing a series that highlights each of them in succession. It is our conviction that each of the Pillars are important and that we have enough time over the 10 year period to successfully address all of them. In this way, we can help to create a gradual development of the GKTV brand around Africa, as well as the sensibilities of our audience in being more Africa focused.
We intend to introduce our audience to business opportunities in Ghana. Through the development of our relationships with people on the ground, we aim to be a conduit, helping people to develop the right connections and relationships on the motherland. In this way, we are able to promote Pan-African development and innovation, across the African diaspora, while ultimately linking our goals to the works of the greats who came before us, such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey.
Our first event will be 80% entertainment, with the remaining 20% focused on educating the audience about opportunities available in Ghana, covering the pillars: Diaspora Pathway to Ghana, Experience Ghana, Celebrate Ghana and Promote Pan African Heritage & Innovation. We will aim to do this through our hosts presenters as well as the hosts of our show, Voyage to Motherland. Click ink to View more episodes here: https://gotkushtv.co.uk/voyage-to-motherland/
The event will feature:
1. Edutainment from UK & Ghana.
2. Ghana’s Beyond The Return programme speakers to explain the Ghana Beyond The Return Programme and 7 Pillars.
3. Sponsors and Partners from travel agencies.
4. The initiation of an Excursion to Ghana, hosted by GKTV.
GKTV is well placed to fulfill this programme, as our brand ethos has always been explicitly Black/African focused. We are primary advocates of Black Group Economics and the connection of the entire African diaspora with the motherland. We are therefore in a position to present a viable, trust worthy plan for repatriation and investment in Africa in general, Ghana in specific.
With our growing audience of over 18k on youtube, 16k across all social media and more youth discovering our platform everyday, we have the potential to reach and inspire at least 40 thousand people around Beyond The Return within the first couple years of the programme.
The Seven Core Principles
Beyond the year of return is governed under seven core pillars: Experience Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Diaspora Pathway to Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Brand Ghana, Give Back to Ghana and Promote Pan African Heritage & Innovation.
It is suggested that GKTV develop our first event around the Experience Ghana, Diaspora Pathway to Ghana & Promote Pan-African Heritage pillars.
The Event
GKTV will host a Pre-Kwanzaa showcase that profiles the connected legacy of art in the Afrikan Diaspora. Kwanzaa is a Pan-Afrikan Holiday that quite literally draws on traditional Afrikan harvest festivals and extracts the principles to create a holiday for the Afrikan Diaspora.
The event will feature music artists, story tellers, and a presentation of Afrikan Culture in the diaspora.
Suggested artists:
• Raspect Rebellion • Fuse ODG
• Teshay Makeda • Mikel Ameen
• VVN • Connie Bell (story teller)
• Daddy Makes Doh • Durrty Goodz
• Tuggstar (Canada) • G-String (Calypsonian)
The Pre-Kwanzaa Beyond the Return Showcase is an artistic showcase that celebrates the preservation of culture from Africa, through out the diaspora. The legacy of African Music is the most obvious connection between Africa and its diaspora. In line with the pillar of “Pan-African Heritage…” we aim demonstrate the Pan-African connection through music and demonstrate that all Black music is really African music.
As well as this, there are many other elements of African culture that survived the Trans-Atlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans. Among the most enduring are our folk stories, most notably those related to Kwaku Ananse. We will feature an Ananse story teller in order to demonstrate this connection.
In London, Kwanzaa is a popular end of year celebration among the African-Caribbean community. Kwanzaa is a Pan-African Celebration, and therefore provides a prime context in which to celebrate Pan-African Heritage. Kwanzaa was first conceived of in the USA, during the Black Power era, which drew much inspiration from Osagyfo Kwame Nkrumah and the Independence Movement all over Africa. The founders learned of Harvest Festivals through out the continent, (including Homowo and Akwasidae) and drawing on the principles, they developed a celebration specifically designed to reconnect the African Diaspora with our culture.
Finally, one of our flagship shows is entitled “Voyage to Motherland’. The show follows Nat Nye and Stella B, a couple dedicate to exposing Africa to the world. They travelled to Ghana during the year of return and documented their experience, which we have turned into the Voyage to Motherland show. In the lead up to the event, we will be releasing a number of episodes of Voyage to Motherland, as well as featuring Nat Nye & Stella B on the event. This compliments the “Experience Ghana” pillar and therefore aligns with the Beyond the Return ethos.


December 19
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




The V1llage based at Bay56, Acklam Village, Ladbroke Grove W10 5TY + Google Map