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Celebrating Green Ghana Day Planting Trees with the Diaspora

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In an effort to combat climate change and environmental degradation, the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Beyond the Return Secretariat teamed up with the Asebu Traditional Council for a tree planting exercise as part of Green Ghana Day. This initiative, established by the Ghana Government, aims to counteract the loss of trees due to climate change and human activity. The event took place at the Asebu Pan-African Village in the Central Region, also involving participation from the diaspora community.

Charles Kwaku Buabin, the Central Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, welcomed attendees to the community and highlighted the initiative’s alignment with the Give Back Ghana Pillar of the Beyond the Return Secretariat. He shared ambitious plans to plant over 500 trees in the community as part of Green Ghana Day.

Director of the Beyond the Return Secretariat, Annabelle McKenzie, expressed gratitude for the turnout at this important event. “As we know it’s very important to save our environment and make sure Ghana is a green place,” she said. “We decided as the Beyond the Return Secretariat and Ghana Tourism Authority to partner with our brothers and sisters in the Pan-African Village to have Green Ghana Day here.” McKenzie also emphasized the widespread tree planting efforts across the country to support the initiative.

Rabbi Kohain Halevi, Head of the Diaspora Coalition, passionately stated, “The earth is our mother and it has been raped and pillaged and robbed for so long, and if we don’t give back, we will be part of that destruction.” He stressed humanity’s duty to care for the earth, warning that negligence could leave future generations with nothing.

Traditional leaders present included the Dabeahen of the Asebu Traditional Council, Nana Oweredu, on behalf of the president of the Asebu Traditional Council, Professor Okatakyi Amenfi, and the Chief of Moree Alata, Nana Amenyi IV.

Mary Obeng, representing the Ghana Forestry Commission, ensured the availability of various plants and trees such as coconut trees, royal palms, and umbrella plants for the event. She explained, “Green Ghana Day was initiated by the president of Ghana for the purpose of forestation and reclaiming our degraded landscape and also to contribute to the global efforts of mitigating [the effects of] climate change.”

Nana Gye Nyame I, president of the Pan African Village Plot Association, expressed his pleasure that their community was chosen to participate in this nationwide initiative. He highlighted the importance of such activities for the betterment of society and the value of trees to provide oxygen for better living.

The Beyond the Return initiative is a 10-year program with the theme ‘A Decade of African Renaissance’. Under the Ghana Tourism Authority, it focuses on seven foundational pillars that support ongoing engagement with the diaspora, local Ghanaians, and continental Africans. The Green Ghana Day activities resonate with the ‘Give Back Ghana’ pillar, encouraging the diaspora to engage in activities that contribute positively to the community and the broader society of Ghana.

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