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Ja Rule Partners with Pencils of Promise to Build School in Ghana

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American rapper Ja Rule is making headlines in Ghana for his philanthropic efforts to give back to Ghana. In partnership with Pencils of Promise, they identified a community in Nuaso, Eastern Region to break ground for a primary school to serve the township and surrounding areas.

The event, which drew hundreds of enthusiastic residents from Nuaso and neighboring areas, symbolized what’s possible when the diaspora works towards helping our communities progress. Government officials, traditional leaders, and eager students alike gathered to witness this monumental occasion, as Ja Rule took a bold step towards improving access to education and empowering the youth of Ghana.

The partnership between Ja Rule and Pencils of Promise underscores a shared commitment to education and sustainable development. With the construction of a six-unit classroom block, the project aims to provide a conducive learning environment for students, fostering academic excellence and nurturing future leaders.

Beyond the construction of physical infrastructure, the initiative will be part of a holistic approach towards education, encompassing teacher training, curriculum development, and community engagement. “Education is the pillar of community,” Ja Rule said when he addressed the crowd. By investing in education, Ja Rule and Pencils of Promise seek to break the cycle of poverty and ignite positive change within the community.

Kailee Scales, CEO of Pencils of Promise, said they have been working closely with community leaders to identify where the best place was to partner for the school Ja Rule wanted to invest in. “Ja Rule decided he wanted to work with Pencils of Promise to help support a school build and I recently invited him to come on this trip with me so that he can meet with the community himself,” she said. “He has just been amazed at this entire journey.”

For Ja Rule, the journey to Ghana represents a deeply personal and transformative experience.  This is not his first trip to Ghana.  He was in the country many years ago during the height of his music career and Ghana has still been in his heart. Inspired by the resilience and spirit of the Ghanaian people, he sees this initiative as a catalyst for social impact and meaningful change. 

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mark Okraku-Mantey, was once an artist, DJ and board member of the Ghana Music Awards. He reminisced about when Ja Rule performed at the Ghana Music Awards and how he was glad to see him back in the country. “I’m happy he is giving back to society… after all the money he made through perfomances he has come back to give,” he said. “Thank you for giving back to society. You have acknowledged that you have a social contract with people.” 

As construction commences on the school in Nuaso, the project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring potential of education to transform lives. Ja Rule promised that he will be returning to Ghana and is looking forward to seeing the completion of the school.

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