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Juneteenth Festival Celebrated in Ghana

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The Juneteenth Festival, held on June 22, 2024, as part of the West African Music and Arts Festival, was a success. This historic celebration, organized by the African American Association of Ghana (AAAG) in partnership with the Beyond the Return Secretariat, brought together a diverse array of participants to honor the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and to celebrate the enduring bond between the African diaspora and the motherland. The day’s events commenced with a parade from the WEB Dubois Center for Pan Africanism to the Accra Tourist Information Center, drawing a enthusiastic attendees from the diaspora and Ghana together in solidarity.

Following the parade, the Juneteenth Festival at the Accra Tourist Information Center was filled with activities including a local vending marketplace showcasing an array of locally made goods, while open mic sessions and DJ decks kept the energy high with performances by artists like Crazy Keys. Panel discussions provided valuable insights into the experiences of diasporans transitioning to life in Ghana, covering topics such as legal requirements, land ownership, and the path to citizenship.

President of the African American Association of Ghana, Diallo Sumbry, said they came together to celebrate the fact that Juneteenth is a national holiday in the United States. He stressed how important it is for us to know our own history. He compared what happened with Juneteenth with a similar circumstance in Ghana. “Ghana had its own form of Juneteenth. in 1808 the British government outlawed the importation of slaves to the U.S., but it didn’t technically stop until 1877 and that’s the same thing that happened with Juneteenth,” he explained to everyone before the parade. “We want to make sure that with this tradition of Juneteenth in the United States, and us connecting with each other around the globe, that what we are celebrating is the spirit of our resilience, the spirit of our strength and the commitment to no longer hold out on ourselves.”

The event was a testament to the strength and unity of the African diaspora, celebrating freedom, culture, and community. The success of the Juneteenth Festival was another reminder of the importance of the Beyond the Return initiative and its goal to bridge the gap between the diaspora and Ghana.  With a vision of coming together as a community and working towards strengthening our ties as we learn and support each other.  

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