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Sankofa Medallion Launched to Commemorate Ghana’s Year of Return

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Brenda Joyce, Founder of African Heritage Precious Metals, held a special presentation on the Sankofa Medallion, a gold coin designed to commemorate the ‘Year of Return, Ghana 2019’ campaign. “The world of gold medallions and coins has existed for many centuries, but only a fraction of that belongs to African history,” she said. “Gold treasures commemorate historical events or heroes of a time.” The coin is designed to create a sense of pride, promote legacy, an eternal reminder of the the ‘Year of Return’.

The medallion is available as part of a collection of jewellery created in different styles to suit each customer’s lifestyle needs. There is the signature medallion coin, pendant, dangle earrings, cufflinks, a ring, bracelet and pin. All the styles are made using pure 14k or 18k gold and available in different sizes. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity verifying it is pure gold.

The ‘Year of Return’ was one of the most successful campaigns in Ghana’s history that welcomed members of the diaspora community to Ghana. The year was filled with such a renewed energy about Africa and the continent overall. It was a time when everyone was looking for keepsakes to remind them of what a monumental year it was. This is exactly why African Heritage Metals Ltd., launched the Sankofa Medallion. To provide something that would be an eternal reminder of the significance and legacy of the ‘Year of Return’.

President Nana Akufo Addo, was presented with his very own Sankofa Medallion during a Breakfast event in December 2019 when he announced plans for ‘Beyond the Return’ to be the follow up to Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ campaign. Brenda Joyce personally presented the medallion to the president at the Kempinski Hotel to signify the official launch of the gold medallion.

Brenda Joyce has over 25 years of experience in the precious minerals and jewelry industry. She’s passionate about celebrating African history, heritage, culture and celebrating the heroes of the past. Ghana is one of the two top producers of gold in Africa. Despite being one of Ghana’s biggest mineral exports, gold also accounts for huge losses for Ghana because it’s potential is not fully realized. Most gold is exported in its raw state and unrefined resulting in a lower value. Joyce recognized the power of the dollar in the diaspora community and feels it was best to encourage our communities to invest their money in items that have a significant value both economically and historically. The Sankofa Medallion does just that.

African Heritage Metals strongly believes that buying one of their mediallions is not only a keepsake and memory of the ‘Year of Return’, but it’s also an investment in something that adds value to their lives. It’s an opportunity to acquire something made of pure gold that has beauty, celebrates history and grows in value as the price of gold increases.

For more information on purchasing a Sankofa Medallion, visit the website at and email the team at [email protected].