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Stevie Wonder Becomes a Ghanaian Citizen

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In a momentous ceremony at the Jubilee House in Accra, the President of the Republic of Ghana, H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, gave Ghanaian citizenship to the iconic American Musician and Songwriter, Steveland Morris, better known as Stevie Wonder.

This event is a significant milestone in Ghana’s ongoing efforts to reconnect with the diaspora and acknowledge remarkable contributions of the African diaspora.

President Akufo-Addo commended Stevie Wonder for his exceptional impact on music and his unwavering commitment to the African diaspora. He highlighted how Wonder’s music has served as inspiration for generations of Ghanaians and Africans worldwide. The President emphasized that Stevie Wonder’s visit to Ghana would serve to strengthen the bonds between Africa and its diaspora.

Hon. Henry Quartey, Minister for the Interior, praised the President’s leadership in championing initiatives like the Year of Return in 2019, when 252 individuals from African-American and Caribbean Diasporan Communities were granted Ghanaian citizenship in a historic ceremony.

Stevie Wonder is a longtime admirer of Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.  He expressed extreme gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him. He spoke of his deep connection to Ghana’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality, expressing joy at being able to call himself a Ghanaian citizen.

After the president handed him his certificate of citizenship and his Ghanaian passport, 

Stevie Wonder spoke from his heart. ““Since about 1972 I have talked about coming to Ghana,” he said. “Over 50 years I’ve talled about being a citizen in this country. The truth is I am committed to, now as a Ghanaian citizen, being a part of fulfilling the dream we have had for so many years of bringing people of Africa and those of the diaspora…United States, Caribbean…all the people together, because as I’ve said, and I’ve said for many years, the only way the world will come together is that we unite as a united people of the world.”

This ceremony marks a pivotal moment in Ghana’s efforts to engage with its diaspora and encourage them to choose Ghana as a place to visit, invest and call home through the Beyond the Return campaign which was launched in 2020 as a 10-year initiative. It’s anticipated that it will continue to inspire further collaboration and exchange between Ghana and the African diaspora, solidifying Ghana’s position as a hub for African cultural and intellectual excellence.

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