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‘We Must Go Back to How it Was Before’ says Queen Afua

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Queen Afua after her book reading, took time to meet some of her fans.

Queen Afua’s Best-selling book, ‘The Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit’, has changed people’s lives for two decades. She recently launched the twentieth anniversary edition, which includes new updates and was excited to share her book at an official event held that the Pan African Writer’s Association House in Accra. The president of the Ghana Association of Writers, Francis Gbormittah, said he was very excited to have her book reading as their first in-person event since the pandemic closed their doors to the public last year.

Queen Afua reads an excerpt from her book.
Seated at the table are (left to right) CEO, TheBridgeZone, Prince Anthony Bart-Appiah, CEO GUBA Enterprises, Dentaa Amoateng, President of the Ghana Association of Writers, Francis Gbormittah, Queen Aufa and Celebrity Vegan Chef, Lauren Von Der Pool.

With Covid-19 protocols in place, the event was a smaller gathering than the usual book reading of a best-selling author would attract. Some diasporans who have been avid followers of her work were there and thrilled to have the opportunity to meet her. Jamaican-Canadian Musician, Zakisha Brown, was there and spoke of how Queen Afua’s book had inspired her journey as a vegan. Brown, who quoted Queen Afua’s work in one of her songs, had the opportunity to meet the author and was thrilled to learn she actually already heard and liked her song.

Queen Afua with Ivy Prosper.

A special thank you to the Ghana Association of Writers, for allowing use of their space was given by the CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman. He spoke of how valuable it was to have Queen Afua in Ghana with her team to talk wellness and encourage other African Americans to come to Ghana on such a journey.

“The immune system, which is broken can be repaired through the plants, the herbs…your grandmothers knew and they did it. Your grandfathers knew and they connected to the earth, they understood it,” Queen Afua said. “We must go back to how it was before.” She took a moment to read an excerpt from her book, and later signed books for those who came with their own copies.

The Q&A session after the reading allowed for attendees to ask questions and share their thoughts about a life of health and wellness. When asked about how African Americans can handle trauma and not bring it to the continent, Queen Afua replied saying, “We have to go to the dungeons to let go of the trauma.” She explained the feeling of entering the dungeons and how she felt and what she took away from it was the importance of unifying and coming together as a people. “Unity is the most important key, if we unify nothing can break that.” She went on to explain how our organs can break down from the stress of pain and trauma and that we need to be one people. “Unity is for the strong, separation is for the weak.” she said.

Currently hard copies of her book, ‘The Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit’, are not available in Ghana, but they can be purchased online. She promised that her team would work on getting copies sold in Ghana in the new future.

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